It’s important to have a Lease; an informal or verbal agreement may end up costing you more in the long term if things turn sour.

If you need to prepare a commercial or retail LeaseExtension of Lease or any other lease document (such as a Disclosure Statement, Transfer, Assignment, Variation or Surrender of Lease, or any other tailored document) for a South Australian property, try LeaseDocs.

LeaseDocs is fast, easy and cost effective.  Leases and related documents are prepared by expert property lawyers at Lynch Meyer Lawyers. Simply fill in our easy-to-follow online instruction form at a time that suits you and submit it online. The form will tailor to your requirements as you go.  If you need help along the way, simply call us on (08) 8223 7600.

We guarantee you will have an easy-to-read draft document, prepared by our professional leasing lawyers, 2 business days after submitting your completed instructions. Once the draft is agreed, we will issue copies for signing, conduct a final review and stamp the documents with Revenue SA. We can also arrange for mortgagee consent and registration if required.


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